MindfulSuite is a collection of distraction-free tools designed for students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone with ambitions.

Choose the right tools

How do you track your goals now? Paper and pen, iOS Notes app, or some to-do apps?

Paper and pen are great, until they are forgotten after a week or two. The friction of finding the exact page in a notebook is high enough to kill the momentum.

Note-taking apps or to-do apps get busy quickly. Inspiring goals get buried amongst hundreds of mundane tasks and lose their luster.

We need a dedicated tool for tracking goals and habits so they can be integrated into our lives.

What makes a good goal tracking tool?

1. It should help me measure the progress
2. It should show an overview of my goals clearly
3. It should be reliable and responsive
4. It should help me track deadlines
5. It should help me break daunting goals into actionable steps
6. It should send me reminders and encouragements
7. It should let me associate rewards with goals to build positive reinforcement

"Mindful Goals" is built with all of these considerations, making it the best goal tracking tool on the market.

Made with love

I built "Mindful Goals" because it's something I wished to have for more than a decade. A tool like this can help unlock so much potential when it's in the hands of motivated people.

As a former Software Engineer at TripAdvisor, Twitter, and Notarize, I feel excited to get up every morning and improve "Mindful Goals".

Nothing is more motivating than knowing that I made a little contribution to help others reach their dreams.

Terry Xu

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