For Students

How to get student discounts

Are you still in college and would like to keep your goals organized? We have an offer for you.

The Offer

A 4-year pro membership for college students.

$29.99 for 1 user ($7.5/person/year)
$55.99 for groups of 2 ($7/person/year)
$77.99 for groups of 3 ($6.5/person/year)
$95.99 for groups of 4 ($6/person/year)
$109.99 for groups of 5 ($5.5/person/year)
$119.99 for groups of 6 ($5/person/year)

Regular price: $19.99/person/year

We may change prices without advance notice.

How to qualify?

You have to own an .edu email.

No exceptions.

How to apply?

Email from a .edu email.

Subject: Student discount
Body: emails of students in the purchase group

Payment instructions will be sent in the reply email.

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