Goals 9.7.0 is now released for Android and iOS.

Offline mode

After a month of hard work, we've finally made Goals usable offline.

If you don't have reliable Wifi or cellular network when you are outside, you can still access your dashboard and log progress. When the internet is available again, the app will automatically sync changes to the server.

Some functionality is limited when you are offline, such as taking a photo when you check-in, logging out, or delete account because these actions require our server to process them properly.

A more powerful free account

We've made free account more usable by increasing the limit of habits from 3 to 8, and the limit of goals from 3 to 20. That's a lot of goals and habits to track!

We aim to keep 10% of our advanced features exclusive to our Pro users to protect their investment. But we want to help our free users become successful as well, which is why we've increased the limit.

What's next?

Next, we'll finish widgets, Apple watch, and get started on the web/desktop version of Mindful Suite.