The most effective to-do app you'll ever need. Inspired by Marc Andreessen.


As a productivity novice, I used to over-organize tasks. I label everything, categorize everything, color code everything, mark items as favorites, bookmark them, create well-structured folders, keep everything neat and tidy in multiple lists. The result? I am too exhausted to finish even one task in the list. On the next day, the perfect plan I created looks too challenging and I'd never look at it again.

5 years ago, I accidentally found an article by Marc Andreessen (one of the most powerful venture capitalists) in which he shared this simple productivity tips. I followed the method immediately and it is indeed the only method that worked for me. In the meantime, I hoped that someone would create a minimal to-do app based on this method because I don't always take a pen with me.

Instead, tons and tons of bloated to-do apps were released, with complex navigation, labels, colors, categories, lists, tags, stars, folders, deadlines, and collaborators. None of these help me get things done more effectively, but mere distractions to me

"Priorities" changes that. Every day, you mindfully choose to focus on 3 to 5 most impactful tasks that will help you reach your goals. Then execute like crazy and actually do them.

Repeat this for long enough, you'll become as effective as one can be, and be happy that you didn't procrastinate by organizing tasks.

I am motivated to repeat the message as many times as needed, to help more people realize the truth about real productivity.

Success is the accumulation of small efforts, repeated daily.

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