"Abundance Mindset" is a conscious or subconscious belief that:

"There are enough resources for all. The world will provide everything for us to succeed."

We often can’t fully comprehend how vast the world is. There are enough resources for everyone. Just think about the trillions of cells that keep each of our bodies and minds functioning at this moment. Each of those cells are miracles in themselves and we have trillions of them working for us!

However, sometimes we fear that there are not enough things. When this fear creeps in, we become conservative. We take careful moves to not disturb the status quo. Thinking this way is the opposite of “Abundance Mindset” — “Scarcity Mindset.”

Are you afraid of success?

This might seem like a weird question at first. Who doesn't like success? Success means more money, more fame, better relationships, a better life, so who can be afraid of that?

But do you feel any guilt spending money on things you love, taking long vacations to dream places, or sharing with others that you want to be successful? If you have any guilt, you may have more of a "Scarce Mindset" than an "Abundance Mindset".

People with scarce mindsets worry that there will not be enough things for all of us, so it's better to preserve what they've got for the rainy days. They postpone enjoyment in exchange for a more stable future.

  • Since money is scarce, I should preserve what I've got instead of learning to invest.
  • Since attention is scarce, I should not bother others to waste their time.
  • Since favor is scarce, I should not ask for help unless I am desperate.
  • Since love is scarce, I should not show my empathy often or it will depreciate.
  • Since success is scarce, I am unlikely to be successful, so it's fruitless to try, or once I am successful I have to maintain my status forever.

A scarcity mindset leads us to behave irrationally in a post-scarcity world. But most importantly, it leads us to fear success. We are worried that our success will not last because there is not enough for all, so we sabotage ourselves to delay reaching our goals. We cannot become successful when our subconscious is working against us.

You can learn more about "Abundance" in "The science of getting rich" by Wallace D. Wattles.