Whatever you knew about "success" was probably wrong. It took me 15 years to realize that the way to "success" is hiding in plain sight.

I used to think success is a magic moment that I got to experience when I somehow become a super hero or when a windfall hit me.

But real success is much simpler than that, even a bit boring. Boring in this case, is desirable. It means I can count on earthly things, instead of luck or god's will, to become successful.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out - Robert J. Collier

After reading a lot of books and feeling disappointed that none of them contained the "magic" I was looking for, the truth finally struck me. There was no single moments in people's journeys to success that made them successful. It's the journey itself! They were persistent and did not stop putting in the effort until they reached their goals, while 99% of others simply dropped out in the middle. The moment you stopped putting in the effort, the moment you fail to reach your goals. What you need to focus on is to start, sustain and reach your life goals "day in and day out". It really can't be simpler than that.

Of course, finishing the journey isn't trivial. Any goals that are worth pursuing require decades of sustained effort. There would be hundreds of reasons to not finish what we've started. But, life is too short to delay the start of our journeys to success. There is no need to wait.