There is no words that can convey how important "self love" is in each of our lives. To me, it's of capital importance amongst all topics I've ever written about. But I didn't learn this importance lesson until I was 30.

Do you think you know how to "love yourself"? You might be thinking, "Of course, who doesn't?" If that's what you think, think twice. I challenge you with this question: what exactly have you done lately that shows you love yourself? Do you know how to make yourself happy in every situation?

If on the other hand, you think "No, I am not a narcissistic person, so I don't indulge myself." Then at some point of your life you'll find you've leaned a bit too much in the direction of self-criticism instead of self-love.

Self-love is accepting our existence as is, free of criticism or complacency. I exist, so I am sufficient. It's the basis of true happiness.

A big part of our insecurities and fears comes from a lack of self-love. Somehow, we think we are not enough, and eagerly try to prove ourselves. Or, we think our destiny has been determined and we do not deserve to get what we want.

The truth is, at each moment of our lives, we're the best we can be given all the prior conditions. It's true that we often made wrong decisions that we regret, but when we made the decisions, it was based on our best judgement possible. And there is nothing that could have made that different. Impatient or not, lucky or not, smart or not, we will never have the perfect knowledge to choose the single "best" path out of all the possible outcomes. That's not how time and the Universe works.

Self-love means forgiving ourselves for our imperfect decisions, and detach the mistakes we made from who we are, however detrimental those decisions may seem. Whoever demands others to avoid all of their mistakes does not know how to love themselves or others.

There is only one kind of love - unconditional love.